Amendment in Number of Employees under EPFO coverage limits to 10 workers

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    Now, in an any Organization, which has at least 10 employees, will come under the retirement fund body EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) and that organization will have to facilitate their employees PF (Provident Fund). Right now it has 20 employees limit. More than 50 million workers will be benefited from this decision. Ministry of Labour wants to give more and more Social Security to the employees.

    Presently, it is necessary under the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act for Organizations having 20 or more employees are required to contribute to the social security scheme of EPFO

    The Labour Ministry is going to display a notification about the number of employees with at least 10 or more units to be under EPF.

    A Senior official said that, Ministry of Labour wants to limit minimum of 10 employees per employee through an executive order. It makes more than 50 million additional workers would be covered by social security schemes run by the EPFO.

    Changes will be in April-May

    After giving two months' notice for consultation through a notification has been made a change in the minimum limit. By the first week of next month, will be issued for consultation. The range can be changed by April or May of 2016.

    Earlier, the proposal to reduce the threshold was approved by EPFO’s decision making body the Central Board of Trustees on July 2008, but it could not be implemented so far.

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