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    The Finance Department under the Rajasthan state government started the online accounting system through the official online website with the name of eGRAS. This website is developed by the IT department in link where all the employees working under the state government can check the accounting system of finace department of govt. The online government receipts account system, which is also well known, as the short name of egras is the initiative of state government under the e-governance project of central government.

    This website started under the MMP (mission mode project) which is a integrated system of financial management by the department. Through the e-gras the department keeps and maintain all the data for tax and non-tax revenue both types in the manual mode. The department has provided access on the website to very few departmental person. In case you are not having the login id and password you can use the “guest” account for which the username and pass is same as the “guest”.

    What is Rajasthan e-GRAS Online Accounting System?

    The e-GRAS has the full-form electronic government receipt account system, which has the responsibility for the online application system of all types fund deposits. In the official online website of has the facility given for access to only those users who want to deposit any type of govt. receipts. Any of the semi-government, govt. or association / units can use this online portal of egras for submitting their deposits receipts online.

    Both types of users as the registered and non-registered can use this website online. In the website 24x7 services are available which is very convenient to use. Any person can deposit the receipt on behalf of his / her company or organization. The user can make the online payment with using the debit, credit card or net banking for the tax. The people don’t have to wait and need to stand in long queues for the payment of tax now. The users can get the facility of submitting single challan system form.

    In addition the users are also given online “search option” so that they can find the complete record with just using the number of challan. The users can get the records for specific duration. This option is given to the login screen on the website of where the users can easily get the information.

    Important Notes for Challan:

    While using the egras online website of Rajasthan state you will have to make sure for few things. Don’t use any special characters at the time of login also don’t use any icons. In the login section you must have to fill all the section and before ending the procedure check all values are correct or not. On the official website the users also can use the option of “repeat” through which they can get all the information on the login screen which they previously used on the website. You also can get all list of the transactions on the egras website of Rajasthan for specific duration.

    You have to register on the official website so that you can get the login id and password (a account profile) in which you have to give the complete latest information. We will suggest you to keep updating your profile with new password in time-to-time duration. Use your personal login id and password in place of the guest profile so that you can keep all previous records of challans.

    You can change your password frequently by login in your profile and after the transection you must have to supply the GRN number with the bank name. This you need to submit with the initiate queries.

    Procedure of Challan Generation Online in eGRAS:

    Through the official website the registered users are provided account and profile facility in which they can check all the previous transections and submitted challan online. But this services not given to the unregistered users and they are not able to track their old challans online through egras Rajasthan portal. For the non-registered users login they have to use username as the “guest” and password also same as the “guest”.

    If you are not having yet username and password you have to click on the option of “new user / sign up” this is given on the home page of egras website. You also can visit to the below given link for making registration in the official website and in the form you must have to fill all the section. The users are suggested to read all the guideline before submitting their form of registration in the egras Rajasthan website.

    Ø For generation of challan through the egras Rajasthan website you have to open the website. If you are using this website for the first time then click to the new user sign up option which is given on the same page section or go to the below given link direct.

    Click Here for Registration in eGRAS to Get Username and Pass >

    Ø After visiting in the above given registration page you have to create login username and password. After the registration process use the login id and pass on the website and go to the option of “create profile” which is given inside of your account.

    Ø After that you have to select the department name, major head and other information about the organization and then have to click on the button if you want to add more heads.

    Ø Now fill other information as the profile name and click on the submit button. After that comeback to the home page select your profile. Then you need to fill the complete challan and have to submit it in the same website.

    Ø Now if you are using this website for the 2nd time you have to select your profile from the list on the website and have to follow the above same mentioned procedure to submit the challan online.

    Here I had provided you complete information but if you need more help submit comment below. You also can contact to the department by sending your mail in or you can contact to Dr. Manish Shukla by making your call in 0141-2744294. You also can contact to Mr. Ashok Rastogi in his personal mobile number 9828052141, to Mr. Sumnesh Kumar Sharma in 9460500779 numbers or can make your call in Help Desk by using 0141-5111007, 5111010 numbers.
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