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    All the Government Employees of GWMC Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation are hereby informed that they are able to get their Salary slip through Online process. This is very easy for all the employees as they can do it themselves in a very easy way. If you (employees of GWMC) want to get your monthly payslip, then you just need to download it through your laptop, computer having internet connection.

    Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation, which was earlier known as Warangal Municipal Corporation is one of the oldest Municipalities. After go though the population, income, heritage background and other factors, governments have decided to declare the Warangal Municipal Corporation as GWMC Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation.

    Now all the employees who work under GWMC can obtain their monthly salary slip through online by doing some easy process or by entering some information. In Pay slip, you can see anyone’s salary details like basic salary, DA (Dearness Allowance), HRA (House Rent Allowance), Conveyance Allowance, Medical Allowance etc.

    How to Download the Monthly Salary Slip Online in GWMC.

    1=> First of all the employees or the beneficiaries are required to go to the official website of GWMC, ie.

    2=> After the entering the above link, you will be on the home page of GWMC.

    3=> On the top of the home page, you will get the option ‘Account’, Click on it.

    4=> The option of Payslip will be shown to you, after click on Account.

    5=> After selecting Payslip you will be redirected to the new page.

    6=> Here you are required to enter some details, like Select Month (the months of which payslip you want), Select Year, DTO code of Employee code and click on Get Payslip.

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    7=> You will see the details of the month or year you entered OR get the details of your payslip.
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