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    The salary slip is also seen as a sum gratuity. To employees the gratuity is paid when they leave the institution or at the time of retirement. Recently the government is planning to increase the current maximum limit of gratuity from Rs. 3.5 lakh rupees to Rs. 10 lakh rupees. If this planning will be approved from government the employees will have more benefits and money at the time of retirement.

    In any company after working for five years continue the employee receives gratuity lump sum tax free. In government and non – government both organizations gratuity is given to all employees. The non – government organization payment is covered under the Gratuity Act, 1972 in which such employer with a payroll of more than ten employees, their employees will have retired or left the institute mandatory gratuity in the situation. Normally the employee arranges for the gratuity and a fund management is outsourced to an insurance or actuarial firm. Some of employer shows gratuity payments under the cost-to-company (CTC) package such as seen in the CTC offer the gratuity cut spending as the employer sees it.

    Typically, companies cut the 4.81 percent gratuity from the basic salary and DA. Overall at the time of retirement or leaving the company or department last month salary divided by 26 (left four Sunday) multiplied by 15, which will have all the years he has worked at the institute that you receive by multiplying the amount of gratuity. Currently, a maximum of 3.5 lakh rupees received as gratuity is taxable. So the new plan is implemented, it is likely to bring in the tax net.

    About e-Salary Slip in Himachal Pradesh HP:
    The eSalary or e-salary slip or also known as the pay slip software has provided the facility to get the online hard copy and soft copy of salary slip to the employees working under the HP state government. The integrated financial management system of Himachal Pradesh also well known as the IFMS under the treasuries accounts and lotteries department of HP started the online software to provide the online salary slip for the employees working under the administration. According to the official department’s records right now total 51 IPAOs are established in selected treasuries, which are providing services to more than 1.96 lakh employees.

    The department has the work procedure for sending the salary directly via bank transfer, which is also known as the Electronic Clearance Service also known as the ECS. This system provides the salary to each employee direct on his / her account individually. Through this system the employees working for the HP state government can get the complete information and details for their salary and about the income tax payment. As per the records of department till right now more than 4450 (four thousand four hundred fifty) DDOs are appointed and given the access to the software for providing bills and salary slip online. The DDOs are given access and authority to making changes on the salary slip and other information.

    The treasury department made the section HPOLTIS in which all the information and data related to the salary bills parted through the electronic mode. The complete data on the website of treasury is generated through the eNPS software for transferring to National Securities Depository Limited which also known as the NSDL. The employees of HP state government also can check their deductions information through the accountant general (AG) department, which is given in electronic mode. As per the official report in the financial year of 2013-14 the treasury department made centralized to 49 IPAOs, which are covering to more than 98 treasuries and sub treasuries departments under the Himachal Pradesh state govt.

    The department made the arrangements for the internet facility for all DDOs so that they can get authorized access in the eSalary application form. If any employee is not having the username / login id and password in that case he / she will have to approach regarding to provide them authorized login to the respective IPAOs.

    Click Here for eSalary Slip Login Page of Himkosh HP > http://himkosh.hp.nic.in/eSalaryHP/index.aspx?ReturnUrl=/eSalaryHP/default.aspx

    Note for Using Centralized System Guidelines to get salary slip through the above given link in Himkosh official website of Himachal Pradesh treasury department:

    The department started the centralized system for providing the salary slip online from the year of 2013 in April month. All the DDOs and IPAOs who are having access on the website are given the permission to of complete verification of all bills by checking the complete data. This website provided all the salaries by checking through the heads.

    Ø First go to the above given link page where you have to enter your complete employee code for example IPO1-12345. If you are not having the employee code in that case first you will have to contact to your respective DDO.

    Ø After that you have to write few starting characters of your name in the given section of employee name and after that have to select the treasury name in the next option.

    After filling the above information you have to click on the login button through which you will be able to download your salary slip in soft copy after reaching in side of your profile.

    Visit to the below given link to get the salary slip now:

    Click Here > https://himkosh.hp.nic.in/treasuryportal/ekosh/eSalaryDueDrawnStatementIFMS.asp
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