BSNL Employees Pay/Salary Slip Online Download via HR Administrator System

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    The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd well known as the name of BSNL provided the online salary slip or payslip to their employees. The citizens who are working under the BSNL largest communication company of India can go to the online official website of where they can get the facility to download their salary slip online. Here I am providing you steps below to download the salary slip or payroll slip.

    Ø First you have to go in the official online portal of where you can get the option page of HR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

    Ø You direct can visit to the below given link also to reach on the HR management system to get the login page.

    Click Here for BSNL HR Management System >

    Ø After that enter the username, which is the staff number of bsnl employee, and enter your password as you date of birth in DD/MM/YY format.

    Ø If you forgot your password you also can get the facility of reset to your password in which you have to enter your employee id and date of birth.

    Ø In this bsnl HR management system software the SSA administrator provides all the details and data to the employees.

    Ø The complete details and pay data is provided online through this software as per the respective DDO.

    Ø You have to contact to system administrator if you are not having the username and password yet to get the salary slip online.

    For more details you can visit to the official website of bsnl or can get the help through your HR departmental person.
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  3. hello I am bhanwar singh solanki 198704243 I works on BSNL
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    download bsnl employee salary slip
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    Hrms no is required in applying for je BSNL .....m a btech student
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    Dulal boruah 99412720
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    Sir how to get salery slip and when will site be opened
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