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    Working people get paid every month. After that the HR provide you receipt, pay slip or salary slip. But most people are just meant to salary, do not even interested to see their salary slip. You probably have noticed, but your salary slips are all hidden things, you change jobs or work time may come in increments. Indeed, when you are seeking other jobs, then is unable to decide how much to ask for the salary package. But if you pay attention to slip easily be understood by these things. Here I am telling you about the things which are hidden on the salary slip.

    There are two things in the salary slip. Part one is in-hand salary and other deduction. After combining both of these the monthly CTC (cost-to-company) creates. That means how much money is spending on you. It includes all allowances:

    A. Basic Salary: This is the most important part of your salary. Usually your basic salary is the 35% - 40% part of full payment. The more your basic salary is the more you have to pay tax. It is 100 percent taxable. The basic salary is given as the in-hand salary.

    B. House Rent Allowance: This allowance is given as the house rent. Your HRA is 40-50 percent of basic salary. However, it can be more in the metro city. It is also part of your in-hand salary.

    C. Tax: This money is tax exempted. But there are two conditions. First, your house rent allowance will be reduced by 40 percent compared to basic salary, or the rent you are paying that must be 10 percent less from your basic salary.

    D. Conveyance Allowance: This is given to you in favour coming office and going back to home or for going anywhere for office work. This amount is determined according to your job profile by company. The employee working with the sales departments are given higher conveyance allowance. This money is added on in-hand salary. If you are getting conveyance allowance up to Rs. 16000 (sixteen thousand rupees) so this cannot be taxed and you don’t need to pay any money as tax on it.

    E. Leave Travel Allowance: LTA is fixed in each company. The company gives you travel expenses and for holidays in year. Some companies are also given the allowance for family also. Whatever you are going to tour other expenses, it does not come under its purview. You have to give the bill for cost of the trip. Other than the trip other expenses are not added on this. This amount is the part of your in-hand salary.

    F. Medical Allowance: These are given you as the medical cover. Many times employee uses this service according to their need. This is given you in-hand but in some of companies it is given annually and in some as the month wise payment. The medical expenses are tax free up to Rs. 15000 (fifteen thousand rupees). However, for this also you will have to give medical certificate.

    G. Performance Bonuses and Special Allowances: It is a way to reward employees to encourage. The policy of performance of each department and company is different. It is fully taxable. It connects to your in-hand salary.

    Ways of salary deductions on the month wise, annually and other system in India:
    1. Provident Fund: PF or well known, as the provident fund is 12 percent of basic salary. It is entirely comes in the government account which called provident fund or PF account. In this both company and employee both have to contribute same amount. It is extremely beneficial, because the government pays the interest on PF deposits.

    2. Profession Tax: This tax is applicable in Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Meghalaya, Orissa, Tripura, Jharkhand, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. This is paid you in total salary in which few hundred rupees you have to pay.

    3. Income Tax: It is not mentioned on your salary slip, but it is taken as income tax. If you fill out tax you can see its details on the salary slip of May month every year. This money is covered under the government tax slabs. However, if you want to avoid it you can invest under rule 80C.

    Here I am telling you that how you can compare your salary slip with other employee in your department:

    The basic salary is the most important. So check that the other fellow what all allowance is getting with the basic salary. Are you getting same allowance or not? See that how many of special allowances are to given to him. This allowance makes difference in salary. Don’t see to the in-hand salary check all other allowance.

    How to Get Salary Slip in Andhra Pradesh how to download gpf account slip online Annual Account statement complete procedure is given below:

    SMS (short message service through mobile phone) facility to GPF subscribers/Pensioners:
    @> You will get monthly alert of GPF missing credits, withdrawals and GPF subscriptions alerts etc.

    @> You can get information of annual GPF slips dispatch by sms

    @> You can also get information of received/ finalized/ returned etc. of GPF Final withdrawal application status

    @> Retired employees can get Pension application status that its received, finalized or returned etc.

    Who are able to get this service:
    (A) Govt. employees whose GPF (general provident fund) accounts are being maintained by PAG office (except class-IV employees, ZP teachers etc)

    (B) Pensioners whose pension cases are being finalized by accountant general (AG)

    How to register the mobile number to get sms alert in GPF account:
    Through IVRS: Dial 040-23231212 to access the IVRS facility

    GPF (general provident fund) subscribers:
    (a) You need to provide the General provident fund number (GPF) number allotted by AG (accountant general)

    (b) After that When prompted, Dial ‘0’ to register the mobile number

    (c) Then you need to enter the mobile number

    (d) System will spell numerically the number entered (your mobile number).

    (e) After that you need to confirm the correctness of the mobile number when prompted by the system.

    (f) Then finally System prompts the acceptance of the mobile number.

    (a) Dial IVRS (interactive voice response system) number provided by AG (accountant general) office.

    (b) When prompted, Dial (four) ‘4’ to register the mobile number

    (c) Enter the mobile number **** System will spell the number entered.

    (d) Confirm the correctness of the mobile number (which you have entered in IVRS) when prompted by the system. System prompts the acceptance of the mobile number.

    How to Get and Download Salary Slip Online:
    The treasury department of Andhra Pradesh provided the online official portal where the government employees can get their salary slip online. The directorate of treasuries and accounts under the Andhra Pradesh government also known as the AP Treasury is working to provide the services as the receipts and expenditure download, scholarship status checking menu, day book close status, list of all DDOs offices, list of departments covered under the AP treasury etc. The department is mainly parted in three sections as account works, pensioners’ information and class IV gpf information.

    Here I am providing you link below where you have to enter the employee code and after that have to click on the button of excel report:

    Click Here for Salary Slip >

    In the above given link you have to enter your employee code through which you will be able to get the complete details about your salary. You can download the hard copy of your salary through this treasury website and can use it as the official document in any place. You also can get the gpf statement details through the below given link:

    Click Here for GPF Statement >
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