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    The Indian Government’s Civil Service is the permanent bureaucracy of civil services. The civil service is the backbone of the country’s administrative machinery. India’s parliamentary democracy, elected representatives of the people, ministers, with these are responsible for running administration. The ministers are also responsible to the people indirectly. But with many problems of modern governance cannot be expected to deal personally by ministers. Thus the ministers formulate policies and strategies for subsistence is the civil services. Civil servants in country implement all executive decisions of government. The civil servants are employees of government rather than the parliament. The civil services are also having some traditional and statutory responsibilities, which protects from using the benefits to the political party in the power. Senior civil servants are responsible for clarification of Parliament. In the civil service government ministers (whose appointment is made at the political level), members of parliament, members of the legislative assembly, the Indian Armed Forces, non civil service police officers and local government officials are not included.

    The Uttar Pradesh Police is responsible for maintaining law and orders with justice for 13.60 crore population (according to year 2001) which is residing in 236286 sq. km. This police service is not only India but also the world's largest police service. DG-command of the police force to serve approximately 1.70 million in the 71 districts, 31 armed battalions and other specialized law regulate is divided into wings. These aggregates are major in: Intelligence, Investigation, Anti-Corruption, technical, training and criminology, etc. According to a report published in 2015 in the month of January in the Akhilesh government at Uttar Pradesh the police establishment of direct recruitment of 40000 soldiers and 2500 inspectors’ way is now open. On the instructions of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav Recruitment Board approved a proposal by the Home Office sent. 41610 soldiers in the ongoing examination of the state of direct recruitment of new recruits after being declared Advertising Recruitment Board shall issue. It is believed this process is completed in February. The police department was desperately short of soldiers in the province, which the state government each year, 40,000 soldiers, to be phased recruitment was announced. In 2013, the government puts into practice its declaration of the 41610 soldiers had initiated the process of direct recruitment, which now has reached the final results of the round.

    UP and adjoining territories in the examination and half the 18 million youth participated. It is believed that these soldiers will come to the written test results of February, followed by the recruiting board forty thousand soldiers and two thousand inspectors will continue to recruit new ad. After completion of the two-phase state police recruits about 80,000 soldiers would get, making the police department would have removed the acute shortage of soldiers. Know that the previous BSP government in 2008, nearly 35,000 soldiers were recruited. Nearly 4 years after it was closed recruitment. The controversy led Uttar Pradesh government admitted in police recruitment exercise to end up in altering the written exam has started. The recruitment is now almost 40 thousand in the written test may be terminated. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has indicated its clear. He said that youth employment is working steadily towards the government. Forty thousand soldiers in police recruitment process is continuing. Forty thousand and will be recruited soon. Police recruiting youths to undergo a written test is hard. However, in the coming days, the government will remove any way, without the written examination is the recruitment process. The Akhilesh government fiercely celebrated achievements. While at the center, not to help farmers alleging targeted. Unseasonable rain and hail had ruined the crops of 18 farmers who died of shock seven lakh dependents provide assistance to farmers, the Chief Minister said that death is the hue and cry raised so well, but they are not helping.

    UP police is going to be high-tech. now the soldiers can get any order issued by the director general level, directly on their mobile phone via sms service. Police Directorate has raised the number of the soldiers' mobile and PNO. The orders issued by the Directorate General of Police usually are sent at police station level and there is one soldier informed. Often it happens that the order does not reach the soldiers. To overcome this drawback, the new scheme is being launched SMS service from the state level. Any new order from the Directorate General of police district headquarters via e-mail will be sent to the control room computer. Akhilesh Yadav government in Uttar Pradesh decided to fill the vacant posts of constables took a half million jobs are looking for youth may apply. But remember this time last recruit MA, MPhil and PhD from MAC also planned to hire 22,000 monthly salaries in the bumper have started. Last Cabinet meeting on March 19 in which the rules are recruited every year for the next four years, according to them will recruit 40,000 constables. The recruitment for the government - state civil police constables and head constables Service Manual-2008 also decided to modify. The new rules included in the candidate recruitment of constables’ 100 marks a physical test and the written test will give 300 points. The recruitment process for the formation of a committee in each district is decided.

    The committee Additional District Magistrate, Deputy Superintendent of Police and District Inspector of Schools, in addition to the minority, SC and OBC members will also be involved. 22000 per month will pay constable. This is the second time in the last ten years, large-scale recruitment of constables being. In 2006, the then Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav in UP started recruiting 18,000 soldiers, which later was mired in controversy. After completion of the recruitment process in 2007, she has been accused of fraud by the government on this whole process was canceled. Selected candidates then approached the court and the 2010 High Court stating that the recruitment process to hire the selected soldiers was ordered. High Court challenging the Mayawati government had filed a petition in the Supreme Court. Akhilesh government last year filed the petition in the Supreme Court was withdrawn. As per a report published in a local newspaper including salary discrepancy and leisure demands under the banner of the Police Welfare Association state police opposed the black bandaging.

    Association president arrived in Azamgarh Brijendra Singh Yadav government, accusing it of fulfillment of promises on its seven-point memorandum of demands submitted to the SDM and the government warned that if the demands were not fulfilled after elections will be a major movement. He said the police in the name of discipline is being exploited. Brajendra Singh police organization itself but rather PAC, PRD and home guards have been successful in making a united. Government is doing injustice against men in uniform to date their demands were not met. He said the government warning that if his demands were not massive movement in the state, they will. 95 percent of the men in uniform will be participating.

    How to Get Salary Slip / Payroll Slip in Uttar Pradesh for Police Department Employee
    The Uttar Pradesh Police Department has the online official website in https://uppolice.gov.in page where the employees can get all the information regarding to their salary and statement slip. Through the official website the officials working in the department can check time-to-time payroll information. Here I am providing information and details that how you can get the salary slip online.

    STEP 1 –
    First you have to visit in the official website of https://uppolice.gov.in where the employees of UP Police Department can get the option of INDEX OF NOMINAL ROLL SYSTEM FOR NON GOs HUMAN RESOURCE OF UP POLICE. Here in this page you can get a option with CLICK HERE CHECK YOUR PAY option which will redirect you in a new section. Visit to the below given link direct to reach on the payroll nominal section.

    Click Here for Salary Slip / Payroll Page of UP Police > https://uppolice.gov.in/page.aspx?nominal-roll-index

    View attachment 6

    STEP 2 –
    After selecting the above given link page option you can get a new page in the below given link as the below given demo page. Here you have to enter your personal number that is in 9 digits after that enter the month and year for which you want to generate the salary slip of Uttar Pradesh Police Nominal Roll System. After filing all these information click to the show report button and in the next screen you can download the salary slip.

    Click Here for Salary Slip / Payroll of UP Police > http://www.uppolice.net/employee/sal_idx.php

    View attachment 7

    Through following the above procedure you can get the salary slip / payslip if you are working under the Uttar Pradesh Police Department. The officers are suggested to logout after taking the printout of their payroll slip. If you need help in that case contact to your departmental respective person or contact to the treasury office.

    If you need more help please submit your comment below.
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